Common Misconceptions About Wills and Trusts

a couple talking to an attorney about their estate plan including wills and trusts.

As estate planning attorneys for nearly 30 years, we have created our fair share of estate plans. During this time, we have come across some clients with estate planning misconceptions that hinder them from beginning their estate plans. We believe in empowering our clients with knowledge regarding their future. In this blog, we will debunk […]

Planning for Your Future: The Importance of Estate Planning

A couple creating an estate plan

We’ve spoken about this topic in our social media, but we wanted to give you all a more in-depth view of estate planning. Estate planning: we’ve all heard it, but why does it hold such importance? If you are young, you may feel like estate planning is something you have time to think about, but […]

What is a POD?

POD generally stands for Payable on Death.  POD is a designation you may be able to add to your financial accounts.  Certain financial accounts use TOD, transfer on death, instead, but the concept is the same.  When you use one of these designations, you own the account during your lifetime and when you pass away, […]