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Update posted 2/14/2023

A FREE title/deed monitoring service is available now statewide in Georgia called F.A.N.S.  Their press release says:

January 17, 2023  [. . . it is ]

“…a free, consumer-friendly process that notifies property owners any time filings are made related to their registered property! F.A.N.S. will also notify of filing activity related to personal property, liens and plat filings. “With our Clerk of Superior Court partners, we are excited to roll out F.A.N.S. We believe the Filing Activity Notification System gives the property owner tools to monitor filing activity which could help prevent property fraud,” stated John Earle, GSCCCA Executive Director. Citizens can simply register with an email address or telephone number. After submitting a name, the user will receive an email and/or text notification whenever a filing related to that name is filed in the selected records.”

Source: https://fans.gsccca.org

Title Theft:  Should you buy a “lock” product or anti-fraud and theft insurance?

Periodically we get asked about the Title Lock or Anti-Fraud products advertised heavily on TalkRadio and in other media.

Is fraud an issue?  Can my title be stolen? A host of other questions around the topic get asked.  The folks selling this service are playing on fears.

They are really advertising this stuff. In my opinion, it’s a waste of money. See this article that discusses the whole situation by Clark Howard and his team.  https://clark.com/homes-real-estate/ask-clark-house-title-lock/

Also, monitoring is a free service in many jurisdictions. Check out our Fayette Clerk’s version of this free service. 

Coweta County also has a free version of this:


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